Tuesday, June 29, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds without exercise workouts, gastric bypass or weight loss drug

Hi I'm mar and and I like to write provocative blog titles on how to lose weight! Today I'm sharing how I lost 100 pounds without exercise, gastric bypass or a weight loss drug. Most people are surprised but can accept that it's possible to lose without gastric bypass or a weight loss drug. But weight loss without workouts? That's harder to swallow. If you're wondering (even doubting) how I lost 100 pounds without exercise, let me explain. 

I'm not advocating no exercise. I'm not saying skip the workout routine. I did walk, swim, do yoga, chores and other normal activities. Later, I did Shipt which requires lots of exercise. I just didn't use a fitness routine. I have some physical limitations that make jogging, running, certain exercises and  fitness equipment inadvisable. And very painful. I recently had shoulder surgery which has left me permanently unable to do much lifting and overhead exercise. 

I had a sedentary work-at-home computer job before I lost 100 pounds. Did that lead to obesity? Probably in part. It was harder to lose weight being sedentary. But that was because food was so available. So I had to be more rigorous about sticking to the 1200 calorie diet. Actually, not working out made the 1200 calorie diet easier. Dr. Now of "My 600-lb Life" agrees. 

I'm not the only one to lose weight without fitness. Most gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life" are bedridden or chair bound. But they manage to shed hundreds of pounds on the 1200 calorie diet. Dr. Now of course, encourages them to move, walk, do daily activities. But too much exercise in the initial stages of weight loss just make you hungrier. My obesity wasn't to the point of "My 600-lb Life." But I did find that Dr. Now was right. Cravings and hunger are easier to manage with basic movement vs. a hardcore fitness workout. 

Weight loss is work, work, work. What I mean is finding a program that works for you and sticking with it. If a workout routine doesn't work, then work around it. That worked for me! 

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