Friday, March 5, 2021

Weight loss fail? Avoid diet discouragement by staying off the scale

Are you struggling with weight loss? Perhaps you were on the wagon but fell off. Or maybe you're having trouble just getting on the wagon? I've been where you are my brothers and sisters. Sometimes I can't even find that darn wagon! Regardless, I did manage to lose weight, in 2014. And now in 2021, I'm dieting again because after shoulder surgery, I'm putting on some weight. 

Here's how I lost 100 lbs and how I'm going to get the regained 20 lbs back doing everything I can to avoid diet derailment. For me, that means staying positive as much as possible. Not constant Rosy Sunshine, mind. In my last post I ranted about how frustrating it is to gain weight after big weight loss. 

But I do need to remain upbeat or I'll get depressed and quit trying. One way I do that is by ignoring the scale. Checking constantly to see if I've made progress, only to find it hasn't moved, is just plain frustrating. When I go to the doctor I ask them not to announce what I weigh. I only weigh myself every month or so. And I don't set goals. This way, if I've shed 2-3 pounds,  I'm pleasantly surprised. More is a bonus. I just keep working my program and doing my best. And I celebrate successes and don't even use the word failure. More on that later. 

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