Saturday, March 20, 2021

Diet now for weight loss sooner rather than later

Hello darlin followers! Just want to thank you for your loyal readership and positive comments. Today's weight loss topic is "sooner rather than later." What I mean is that if you need to shed pounds, diet now and don't wait for weight loss. Don't put it off. The older you get the harder weight loss gets. The longer you carry those 15 or 65 or 215 extra pounds, the more damage they do. 

And the more those added pounds add up. Obesity is a snowball rolling downhill. It's gets bigger the longer it is ignored. Weight gains gains momentum. Yes, some people experience status quo with their weight, remaining in a constant place. They may carry an extra 15 pounds that never goes up or down. I'm not sure why that is but I think it's because their habits and diet don't vary much. 

But most of us live in flux. Changes affect our health. We may change our habits up or down. We may get lazy (I'm raising my hand here). I put on weight after I lost two babies and started taking the antidepressant Paxil. I also began doing sedentary at-home computer work. My energy level plummeted and my eating habits didn't change to reflect the fewer calories I was burning. The antidepressant made me feel dazed and blah and apathetic. I ignored my growing problem of obesity. 

Above pic is Mar (2011). She waited a long time to lose weight. She finally did lose 100 pounds (see picture below in same shirt), but it was more difficult because she started later rather than sooner. She also has a lot of stretch marks and loose skin because she let obesity take hold. Don't be Mar. Don't put off dieting and exercise. Lose weight now. Love ya'll bunches!! (See Molly Cate, Mama can talk Cajun when she wants to LOL)

Here are a few more for comparison.

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