Friday, March 19, 2021

Ignoring weight loss advice was how I lost 100 pounds

So the title of this post may be a little exaggerated. But not much. I realized recently that if someone says something that contradicts my opinion or experience, I tend to accept their version and ignore my own. I don't always listen to or trust myself enough and I listen to and trust others too much. This has had a big impact on my emotional and physical health, even including weight loss. Too often, I let what others say rule my actions. Except once and that experience was how I lost 100 pounds. From that, I'm learning to keep advice and opinions in perspective.  

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with obesity. I looked at popular diets and decided to set up my own weight loss plan. I got a lot of advice, mostly unsolicited, some from doctors, about how it probably wouldn't work. When I weighed 199 lbs, a doctor told me I could never lose enough on my own and would need bariatric surgery. Well I could and my diet plan was how lost 100 pounds. 

I didn't follow Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Keto, DASH or any of the popular diets. I ate carbs, drank wine, and didn't follow the diet every day. I didn't attend Weight Watchers or any other diet club. I didn't subscribe to any diet meal plan. I didn't exercise, go to the gym or use a personal trainer. I didn't have gastric bypass surgery. Each of these things, I was told by someone or many someones, were necessary for weight loss. 

After I lost 100 pounds, a doctor, who was trying to start an obesity medicine program, insisted that I needed her help to lose weight. She had just expressed admiration at how I lost 100 pounds. She had just admitted that my BMI was healthy. But she had an agenda. More on that later. 

So what's the takeaway? Don't jump on someone else's bandwagon if what you're doing works for you. Don't be so quick to believe that what they are pushing is right and you are wrong. Because sometimes, they really are selling something and it's in their vested interest to get you to buy in. 

Definitely research weight loss programs.  My program was a combination of all the diet wisdom I'd read. I took what seemed appropriate and left the rest, like they say in Al-Anon. If someone is selling a product that seems to work, look around to see if you can find a cheaper version. You usually can. More on that later. Listen to advice but don't let it control, shame or guilt you.  

Do you, do it well and move forward! Love Mar

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  1. Awesome, Marilisa! This amazing on so many levels. Health, both mental and physical, as well as just being amazing and human.


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