Monday, July 12, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds with the social justice diet: spiritual fasting for weight loss and just to be a good human

Hello friends! Sunday at mass, we heard a priest from Kenya speak on conditions of hunger in developing nations. And it occurred to me that on this weight loss blog, I talk a lot about hunger. But I haven't a clue on it means to starve. Today's thoughts center on how I lost 100 pounds by eating a social justice diet. 

What is social justice as determined by the Catholic church? It involves many things: outreach, sharing, giving, praying. Those are not just actions I should perform on Sunday, or when I happen to think about it. Just as in weight loss, social justice must be a daily habit. It's not about throwing a few bucks in the collection plate, and then back to business as usual. It's about living in solidarity with the poor. 

I lost 100 pounds by relearning how to eat simpler, cleaner and less. I call this the social justice diet because eating less helps everyone. We see on the show "My 600-lb Life" examples of morbid obesity brought on by eating too much junk. I know, some weight loss experts would like us not to call any food bad. But "My 600-lb Life" proves a steady diet of unhealthy, addictive, sugary, starchy, greasy, breaded and fried foods ain't good...for the body, the planet, the population or our entire world infrastructure. 

"My 600-lb Life" Dr. Now uses a 1200 calorie diet which is a great place to begin weight loss. But it's also about what's on that 1200 calorie diet. To shed obesity, I eat fresher, simpler homemade, closer to the farm, less processed and fewer fast food meals. This social justice diet helps everyone: farmers, growers, animals, environment and those in need. 

I practice spiritual fasting, a type of intermittent fasting called for by Catholic social justice. I give up certain foods and eat less of others. Spiritual fasting calls for eating less expensive restaurant food and more simple home-cooked meals, which is perfect for weight loss and family bonding and saving money. 

And what's cool about eating a 1200 calorie diet of simpler meals, not only do I lose weight and manage obesity, I'm spending less, thinking less about food, more satisfied and happier emotionally. Spiritual fasting gives me more time and energy to put into helping those in need instead of creating need with rampant consumerism. 

(Top picture is me before I lost 100 pounds and bottom is after.) 

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