Tuesday, July 6, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds by drinking more: fat burner beverages for weight loss

Hi guys! Yep, you read that title correctly: how I lost 100 pounds by drinking more, and yes, even alcohol (in moderation).  Not drinking enough of right things (water) and too much of the wrong things (sugary drinks) leads to obesity. But reverse that and watch the weight loss! Here's how to drink right and why you should. 

Let's start with drinking wrong. I have to shake my head when gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life" blame "water weight" or water retention when they fail to lose weight. Like water weight is different than just being overweight? And it's weird because they never drink water and over-consume sugary beverages. But the "My 600-lb Life" folks might be right about one thing: they probably do have water retention. 

Overeating, under-drinking good fluids and over-drinking bad ones is an obesity trifecta as "My 600-lb Life" shows. First, food cannot digest without liquid (welcome stored fat) however some liquids actually obstruct digestion (more stored fat). And while not drinking enough leads to dehydration and water retention, so does drinking too much of the wrong ones. Because...

Alcohol, sugary drinks, soda (even diet), caffeinated beverages and fruit juice dry you out but don't flush you out. They make you thirsty without quenching thirst. Your body retains fluid to keep hydrated. But that toxifies when you don't pee it out. You get UTI's from trapped bacteria. You drink more, gain weight, still feel thirsty, lather, rinse, repeat. 

Even plain water can dehydrate, weirdly, as I found when I had Covid 19. Plain water lacks electrolytes (calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium mineral salts) which help the body process water. Yes, too much salt dehydrates but some is necessary for absorption. To lose weight and stay hydrated, I drink bottled water with electrolytes, Emergen'C and green tea with lemon and lime. 

Oh, and another problem with alcohol, sugary drinks and fruit juice is that they cause insulin spikes. Your liver can't produce insulin fast enough to process the sugar so it stores it as fat. Your metabolism slows and you get insulin resistance (metabolic syndrome) and overweight.  Fighting obesity is about drinking enough water with electrolytes and avoiding the sugary bevvies. 

The jury is still out on some aspects of caffeine and wine for weight loss. Certain caffeinated beverages are antioxidant appetite suppressants. Drinking coffee and green tea helped me lose weight by curbing hunger. Caffeine also boosts metabolism and helps flush fat but it dehydrates and can make you hungrier. Red wine is an antioxidant but not an appetite suppressant. It also loaded with sugar and calories and causes dehydration. Whatever you drink, make sure you're peeing enough. And watch the color of your urine. More on that later. 


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