Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Diet dessert recipes for summer weight loss: Have your cake and lose weight, too!

Weight loss is one of the hottest search terms ever. If you're trying to lose weight, what's the hardest time of year for you--winter or summer? What foods are hardest to give up, to lose weight? If you said "summer" and "dessert," here are diet dessert recipes and fat burning summer desserts to prove you can have your cake and lose weight too. These summer dessert recipes will help lose obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. Be sure to tell everyone these are diet dessert recipes. They may scoff but they'll have to eat humble pie when they taste these awesomely low-calorie summer desserts! 

Albert's Tropical Dream Pie. This pie is my sweetie pie's favorite! He loves cream pie but can never decide between banana, pineapple or coconut cream, so DIY me figured, why not do all three? Make a keto friendly no-bake crust of coconut flour and coconut oil. Blend fresh chopped pineapple, lemon juice, one cup plain Greek yogurt, one avocado, one cup unsweetened flaked coconut and one sliced banana. Fill pie crust. Top with banana slices immediately before serving. 

Obesity-busting Keto friendly no-bake pie crust. Add milled flaxseed, crushed almonds, chia seed coconut oil and erythritol. 

Fat Burning Fruit-in-season Cheesecake. In a bowl, dissolve one box reduced-sugar lemon gelatin in a cup of hot water. Blend in first one cup Greek yogurt and then one eight-ounce carton of light whipped topping, If you prefer vanilla-flavored cheese cake, omit the gelatin and water and use one package  sugarfree vanilla pudding and one cup flaxseed, coconut or almond milk. Add a dash of nutmeg. Fold in berries or fresh sliced fruit in season. These diet dessert recipes are delicious with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches and strawberries. Decorate with more fruit immediately before serving. 

Diet food swaps for weight loss: Use lowfat ready-made graham cracker crust the fat burning crust recipe above. Or line a dish with lowfat vanilla wafers. You can swap out pudding for avocado in cheesecake too. 

Fat Burning (really!) Chocolate Trifle. Trifle is a to-die-for concoction similar to some tiramisu recipes. Lidia Bastianich made one on PBS Create. Hers was from scratch and looked yummy but time consuming. If you don't have a huge test kitchen with seven people on your staff, make this quick, easy one with diet food swaps. 

You'll need keto favorite full-fat Greek yogurt, sugarfree whipped topping, instant sugarfree chocolate pudding (or avocado, cacao nibs--one of obesity's worst enemies-- or dark chocolate or cocoa powder and blue agave syrup), fresh fruit and angel food cake. Melt cacao nibs, dark chocolate (70% or higher cacao) or unsweetened cocoa and blend in avocado, yogurt and topping. Tear off bits of sponge cake or angel food cake and place in the bottom of a dessert dish. Spoon a layer of pudding mixture over the cake. Next, arrange a layer of berries or sliced bananas. 

For chocolate trifle, use cherries, strawberries or raspberries. For vanilla trifle use bananas, peaches, mango, raspberries, kiwi and pineapple. If you want to make your trifle extra special, layer fruit in different colors. Over the fruit, place a layer of topping. Decorate with fresh fruit or shaved dark chocolate. If desired, repeat layers. You can make these summer desserts swing weight loss friendly with a few simple food swaps and never miss the calories! 

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