Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Covid 2.0: A bit more coherent, less ranty discussion

 Hello friends, a few days ago I posted a pretty raw rant about my husband getting Covid 19 again despite being vaxxed and taking every precaution. And I want to set the record straight because I fear I may not have been clear. (You tend not to be when you are scared for someone you love). So first off, yes, I got Covid (Omicron) too, no surprise. I was expecting to. And second, I was not faulting the Covid 19 vaccine for us getting it again. I get how this works: the vaccine doesn't prevent you getting Covid 19. It just helps prevent you dying from it. 

It doesn't prevent others near you getting it because for one thing Omicron is more contagious though typically less dangerous. What prevents the spread is a larger population getting vaccinated AND following protocol of distancing, wearing masks, quarantining, etc. Which was the gist of my rant a few days ago. Covid deniers and pooh-pooh-ers won't do either, mask up or get vaccinated. And that angers more for myself and mostly for others. 

It sounds so pious to prat "faith over fear" until you've had Covid or Omicron variant. When you are coughing yourself raw, so hard that you can't catch a breath, coughing so hard you gag and vomit and wet yourself, you aren't thinking much about faith or fear. You are just trying to keep oxygenated and not choke to death on your own phlegm. And don't get me started on the headaches, body aches, dehydration delirium and (worst of all) long haul Covid brain fog. Which I had not yet recovered from (if I ever will) after Covid round one 20 months ago. 

So far, Omicron seems shorter and in some ways less severe. We didn't get the revolving door fever --102 at night, breaks in the morning, spikes again at night, lather, rinse repeat for 14 solid days. We didn't get dehydrated (with crippling headaches, delirium, orange poop, brown pee) but because we were prepared with Body Armor. We haven't had any appetite so weight loss is a real probability which for me won't be a big deal but for Albert, who lost 17 pounds in a week and doesn't have a lot to spare, is. And really this kind of weight loss is good for no one. 

I'm sorry to be so graphic. Or am I? Sometimes blunt is the only way to wake people up. It's time to stop stop talking in cutesy, meaningless sound bytes, time to quit turning a blind eye, and downplaying Covid's seriousness. Time to quit flinging fairy dust in people's eye's to distract them from the real issues. To quit making up falsehoods (lying), quit faulting the "liberal media" or Joe Biden. It is time to begin taking seriously our own part in the spread of this life-altering and sometimes life-ending disease.

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