Sunday, February 5, 2023

Covid 2, Husband 0

 And we're in quarantine again because husband came down with Covid again. And I wanna know how????God love the man, he sanitizes (and has since Covid Day One) his belt and wallet!! He wore his mask religiously, got vaccinated, donned a crap ton of extra protective equipment at work. WENT to work because they were deemed essential. That's not as cools as it sounds.  Cuz turns out, work was where he got Covid (prior to vaccines) which he shared with me.

He never bitched once about "his rights" to make a fool of himself whining about closed restaurants. He never pissed and moaned about employer mandated vaccines. He always looked out for everyone wearing his mask. He social distanced. Unlike the 8 VACCINE-REFUSING UNMASKED FAMILY MEMBERS at church, laughing and talking and lining up for confession DURING A PANDEMIC!! And other "good Christian" homeschool families who proudly flaunted themselves in stores with no masks. I gave my friend list a good spring cleaning after that.  

Husband didn't endanger himself or others denying Covid or stupidly pratting "faith over fear." Whatever the that means, I don't know and the espousers sure as hell don't. FAITH is trusting God's will be done, not clicking your ruby slippers together and declaring you won't get Covid because you supposedly love God. If you love God, you do as He says and be a good human. Be concerned about others over your mythological "rights." You don't tell everyone else how to live their lives (which is very unscriptural) and then refuse to do the simplest things to hopefully keep others safe. You don't soil yourself over mandated vaccines. With so much exploitation, oppression, marginalization and tyranny from the right wing party alone, fucking pick a real hill to die on. 

In Covid round one, he did his time and a lot of other people's too. For 14 solid days, he fevered, coughed, got dehydrated, was deathly sick and lost 17 pounds in a week. I was sick too. Like could not breathe coughing sick. They tell you to go to ER if you can't breathe. How do you know which cough is going to be the one that stops you? And how can you call if you can't breathe? And then there's the dehydration delirium which makes you so confused you barely know who you are. 

I don't say this in criticism of CDC protocol. Just stating the crux of the problem that when you are in the throes of illness you can't very well access health services. You don't dare to ask anyone for help in case you infect them. 

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