Wednesday, March 8, 2023

How I lost 100 pounds with NOW Sports Nutrition Pea Protein Powder (with recipes to make it edible LOL)


Greetings Omifans (how do you like my new nickname? I'm Omi or grandma to 9 grandkids and my oldest daughter suggested Omifans as a nod to that. And also, being a grandma has a lot to do with this post. I tell you a lot about how I lost 100 pounds after age 50, without gastric bypass surgery. And maybe you're thinking, I don't need to know what you DIDN'T do but what you did to lose weight. Point taken. 

There were three keys to how I lost 100 pounds and the first was calorie restricting on a 1200 calorie diet. That's only consuming 1200 calories a day. How did I arrive at that figure? Once I realized that I wasn't just overweight but morbidly obese, I consulted a physician who gave me a neat algorithm: X goal weight (124 lbs) by 10 calories. Et voile. 

Mm-kay, you're probably wondering, but what about those other two keys? Weight loss has got to involve more than just calorie restricting. Doesn't it matter what you eat? No and yes. A 1200 calorie diet of one cheesecake a day, would lose weight if I was used to eating say 3,000 calories a day. Less in less on. Simple. But it wouldn't be healthy weight loss because I wouldn't  be getting vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, antioxidants and fat burning MUFAS. Plus refined sugar is one-way ticket to obesity and gastric bypass, by sabotaging metabolism, creating stored fat and kicking in heroin-like cravings,  

The second two keys to how I lost 100 pounds were portion control and keto type diet. I'll cover portion control more later (and have in previous blog posts). But again you want to know what I did eat, not what I didn't. So about that keto, say keto type diet because I didn't and don't follow strict keto. I monitor and reduce refined sugar intake, boost vegetables and high fiber fruits and protein and eat MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids). 

And my favorite way beat obesity is to start the day is with a breakfast smoothie using NOW Sports Nutrition Pea Protein powder. You can get a 7lb tub for $47.85 with Amazon Subscribe & Save. Pea protein is the most digestible, best anti-inflammatory, lowest refined sugar protein powder I've found. Weight loss after age 50 means knowing your body really well. And after menopause, soy is out. Whey protein has always been out for weight loss as it creates belly fat and shouldn't be used as part of a calorie restricting 1200 calorie diet. 

Because it's zero refined sugar, NOW Sports Nutrition pea protein powder isn't the tastiest protein powder. I add half a grapefruit (membrane and juice, for high fiber), berries and spinach to my smoothie. That's sweet enough for me. If you need it a little sweeter, add apples or banana. But remember to factor in those calories to your 1200 calorie diet. A NOW Sports Nutrition pea protein powder smoothie provides 24 grams of protein, tons of fiber, vitamins, electrolytes and fat burning MUFA for under 200 calories and boy, Omifans, does it fill you up! 

This post is part of my March to Weight Loss challenge. Stay tuned for more!  


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