Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Gentle weight loss: How I lost 100 pounds learning to make less more

Greetings readers (whom I hope I may call friends). Back from a much-needed weekend at the beach! Are you thinking about weight loss or working a diet program to lose weight? You may have heard that  shedding obesity takes hard work, that ya gotta roll those sleeves up, put the pedal to the metal, yada yada.

But I lost 100 pounds (without gastric bypass) and I say, unfurl the sleeves. Kick back and relax. Take it easy. As we learn in Al-Anon, easy does it does it best. Am I saying weight loss is easy? That it doesn't require perseverance, willpower and determination? Not exactly. I'm saying that moderate intermittent fasting or calorie restricting beats extreme dieting to lose weight. 

But it's not even about calorie restricting or intermittent fasting or any kind of diet as such. Al-Anon says we must adopt a slower approach to life in general. Many of us GOT overweight trying to live a break-neck, crazy paced lifestyle. I don't mean we exercised too much...I stressed too much. I ignored health problems, including rising obesity. And part of how I lost 100 pounds was by learning to make less more. 

I now eat less and enjoy food more, both to avoid being overweight but to just be a better human. I've cut down on spending, shopping, buying and consuming in all areas of my life. I'm practicing enjoying simple things: the animals in my backyard, my dear family and grandkids, a beautiful sunset walk with my sweet husband, petting the two lil rascals, Moishe and Mordecai (shown above). 

My goal is to to live simply that others might simply live. I'm not sure if that was Gandhi or St. Theresa of Calcutta but it's good wisdom for weight loss and overall mental health. Instead of overconsuming I'm "calorie restricting" in all areas and "intermittent fasting: from obsession with things. I'm so much happier and at peace! My mind is not so "overweight" with the constant chasing and my heart is lighter and freer! 

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more on how I lost 100 pounds and more! 

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