Monday, November 20, 2017

'My 600-lb Life' weight loss show defines overweight, obese, morbid obesity

These are me before and after losing weight. Would you be surprised to learn that even after big weight loss I'm still overweight? If you're too polite to say yes, I thank you! But it's true, aka the BMI, I should lose 20-30 pounds. I would like to do that but at my age, it's more tricky. Also, the steps required to do so might not be safe. I'm in danger of developing an anorexic eating disorder as it is, just because I'm so afraid to gain weight.

Now we know that folks on the reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" are morbidly obese. But it goes beyond just diet and lifestyle. The TLC program explores nutrition, obesity-related health conditions, and obesity as an eating disorder like anorexia. It also distinguishes overweight, obesity and morbidly obese. That's the purpose of this website as well--to understand what is dangerously overweight and what is normal and perhaps even healthy. 

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