Diet Tip, Set Fair Weight Loss Goals or Skip Goals

Don't set weight loss goals? What? Not schedule how much to lose each week? How will I manage my diet, you wonder. I've lost 88 pounds and here's my experience goal setting and why I warn against it. (photo left July, 2013. Photo right, Dec., 2012)
Diet Tip, Set Fair Weight Loss Goals, Better Still Skip Goals

Why I Use Fruit Diet Supplements, Natural Fat Burners

I have recently lost a lot of weight--88 pounds altogether. And I dropped six to seven clothing sizes. I've cut calorie intake to 1,000 to 1,450 per day. I practice portion control. I also take natural fat burner supplements. I've gotten some criticism for taking "diet pills. Here's why and how-I-lost-weight doing it.   Why I Use Fruit Diet Supplements, Natural Fat Burners

Dealing with Picky Eaters, When It Goes Beyond Food

Parents, are you troubled by picky eater kids? It's normal for children to dislike a few foods, but not every other thing you put on their plate. Here's what to consider if junior is turning up his nose at everything. This is part of a series and the first is to consider health issues. I'm putting this on my diet blog in hopes that it will help prevent eating disorders, weight problems and food phobias.  Parent Tips for Picky Eater Kids, Part Two--Health Issues

Diet Bread Recipes Breakfast Cereal Bread Machine Loaf

I'm Chef in Chief around here. I demand that my recipes be frugal, nutritious and use up leftovers. Today's +Dietrecipeoftheday and +Daily-deal-of-the-day combines these. Leftover Breakfast Cereal Use Up Bread.

Don't you hate it when the family opens multiple boxes of cereal and lets them go stale? Well, I've outsmarted them. I recycle that cereal into bread. Even stale cereal can be repurposed. I've used Bran Buds, Grape-Nuts, Cheerios and Life cereals all successfully. I think most any cereal could work with a little tweaking. I use up other food too. For 2 pound loaf, place in the the bread machine in this order.Diet Friendly Breakfast Cereal Use-Up Bread Machine Recipe - News - Bubblews

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