Summer Grill Recipes for Dieters, Light Holiday Picnic Foods

 I've lost 100 pounds by cutting calories and controlling portions. Holidays are the hardest time. So I use food swaps. Here are sinfully delicious, low-fat, low calorie Memorial Day picnic recipes, summer BBQ and grill alternatives.Memorial Day, Summer Grill Recipes for Dieters, Light Holiday Picnic Foods

Enjoy Memorial Day Picnics Without Blowing Your Diet

I've been seriously dieting for about 18 months and lost 100 pounds. Staying the weight loss course was easier in winter. But summer is my nemesis. 4th of July BBQs, beach picnics, holiday grill outs, Memorial Day parties--these can spell diet disaster. Here are diet grill recipes, low calorie picnic foods and summer weight loss tips. Memorial Day Picnic Foods, Holiday BBQ, Grill Recipes for Dieters

Fat Blasting Foods A-Z Challenge, A is for... (These Might Surprise you)

Almonds, avocados, apples, apple cider vinegar. Those top my fat-blasting foods list. I'm doing an A-Z challenge list of fat-burning foods. picks. Almonds and apples are full of fiber which acts to purge out fat. Apple cider is a cleanse. Avocados have lots of MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) and omega-3. How does fat burn fat? Good fatty acids breaks down or dissolve saturated fat. Read on  Fat Blasting Foods A-Z Challenge, A is for... 

Want to Lose Weight? Rethink these Diet Myths

Common knowledge isn't always common sense. That's true in many life applications, especially weight loss. I've lost 98 pounds in two years. I've learned that many commonly-held dieting ideas are in fact, myths. To lose weight, rethink the misconceptions and try these common-sense approaches.  Want to Lose Weight? Quit Making These Common Diet Mistakes

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