Diet Tip Soy Causes Belly Fat, Almonds Burn It

I have lost 97 pounds with rigorous diet and calorie counting. I keep abreast of weight loss research and follow diet advice of trusted physicians like Dr. Oz. Standing in the checkout, I perused Woman's World magazine recently. A feature article on belly fat burners and boosters caught my eye (belly fat is my nemesis). I was surprised at some of the foods listed. Read on for the good and bad news.   Diet Tip Soy Causes Belly Fat, Almonds Burn It 

30 Ways to Get More Vegetables in Your Diet

I have lost 96 pounds. I did it with lots of little diet changes. I always ate a lot of vegetables but now I eat even more. I try to  make half my food intake fruits or vegetables. Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama's vegetable dance, veggies are getting more love. Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move'" campaign may is for kids, but we could all benefit from eating better, exercising more. In that spirit, here are 30 recipes to boost vegetables. These include food swaps, like those in Mens' Health "Eat This, Not That." Michelle Obama Touts Vegetables, 30 Kid-Pleasing Veggie Recipes

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