Little Habit Changes Helped Me Lose 93 Pounds

I've lost 93 pounds. I put on 100 pounds after losing two stillborn babies and taking antidepressants. People ask how I did it and I say not in big, invasive ways (surgery, drugs) but with little habit changes. Here are 14 easy tweaks I made to help me lose. Get off the scale. Weight fluctuates. Weighing yourself all the time, it's hard to see progress. No sense getting discouraged.  How I Lost 93 Pounds With Little Diet Changes

Diet Tips How Many Calories Should I be Eating?

There's a plethora of information about how to lose weight. Most can be divided into "common sense" and "stupid and dangerous." But there are grey areas. Like calorie limit. Just how many calories should you eat per day? Depends on who you ask. I've lost 95 pounds. Diet TIp Just How Many Calories Should I be Eating, Anyway?

Here's how I calculate.

Catholic or Not, Lenten Fasting is Healthy

 By now you've probably heard that we Catholics observe Ash Wednesday today. That takes us into a penitential season fasting, prayer and almsgiving, called Lent. By giving up things we enjoy, we draw closer to God. But giving up vices and temptations isn't just healthy spiritually. It improves physical health, too. Fasting is great for weight loss! Left photo is this year. Right is me last year. 95 pounds gone. Read on Catholic or Not, Lenten Fasting is Healthy

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