Diet Tip Step Up Your Style Get Rid of Fat Clothes

 I've shed almost 100 pounds. So many people ask me how that I started sharing tips. Today's is to step up your style as you lose. I used to wear the fat suit--baggy sweaters, frumpy stretch pants. Fat clothes are either degrading--sweatshirts with or dumpy--dresses my 90 grannie who died in 2007 wouldn't wear. So I'm ramping up my style and loving it! Diet Tip Step Up Your Style

Diet Tip Are You Thirsty or Hungry?

 I've lost almost 100 pounds and dropped 8 clothing size-- 2X to 4. The top photo is me in 2013. The bottom is 2010. I'm working to trim the last of the fat. Every day, I learn new things about weight loss and I share them. Today's tip is learn the difference between hunger and thirst. Diet Tip Thirsty Vs Hungry?

Track Diet Progress with Monthly Before and After Weight Loss Photos

 Over the last year and a half, I've lost a lot of weight and trimmed a great deal of fat. I am down 93 pounds from my heaviest. I still have about 7 pounds to go. As with any behavior change, weight loss takes time. And dieting and calorie counting gets old. Sometimes I would like nothing more than to forget dieting altogether and eat whatever I want whenever I want.  Sick of Dieting? Compare Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Low Calorie Food Swaps That Taste as Good as Regular

I have lost over 90 pounds and dropped from size 2X to 4. How? I didn't make drastic cuts but I did change a lot of little things. A biggie was swapping out high calorie foods for low calorie, low sugar, low carb and lowfat versions. Some taste different, but these don't. They were easy food switches. You seriously don't notice the difference. Low Calorie Food Switches That Taste the Same as Regular

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