Diet Tip Getting Down to Size 4 Takes (Lots of) Patience

I have lost 93 pounds and dropped 7-8 sizes. I had to return some size 6 pants I'd bought because they were too large. After wearing as large as a size 20, I can tell you that felt incredible. I write Diet-tip-of-the-day posts to show How-I-lost-weight and today's tip is give it time and patience.

Pictures--left Nov.,2013 141 pounds. Right Dec., 2012 187 pounds.  Diet Tip Getting Down to Size 4 Takes (Lots of) Patience

Juicers Save Money and Make Healthy Juices for Dieters

I am thinking about buying a juicer and need input. Do you have one? Do you like it? Do you use it (honestly, do you? I don't need another appliance that really isn't useful). What brand do you have and what did it cost (if that's not too personal). Does it really save that much money? I found several for around $75 with tax.   Should I Get a Juicer? 

Lowfat, Low Calorie Spinach Lasagna

I've lost almost 90 pounds. Right is me 2012, left photo was taken last week. I'm often asked for diet secrets. One of the best is to tweak recipes with low-calorie, lowfat alternatives. I adore lasagna, but it's diet death. So here's my Diet recipe of the day lasagna makeover. Read on Lowfat, Low Calorie Superfood Spinach Lasagna

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