Diet Recipe of the Day: Super C Chicken Salad

 I have lost about 82 pounds since 2011. I still have 20 pounds to go (or until I can shed the back fat and belly fat). My +Diet-strategies are to ruthlessly cut calories, fat, sugar, starch and salt. Each day I submit a diet recipe of the Diet Recipe of the Day: Super C Chicken Salad
day and a Diet tip of the day to show how I accomplish this. I'm also a frugalista and like to use up and reuse leftovers. Today's recipe is:

Diet Tip of the Day: Small Meals and Snacks

I've lost 82 pounds (yippee! *mar runs around in circles like small dog*) Photo on left is this summer and on right is last summer (about 40 pounds heavier). But the point of this post is not to brag. It's to share how I lost weight. Losing weight is like quitting and addiction and different. It takes longer to notice change. So we dieters need things to keep us motivated.  Every day I try to share a diet recipe or tip of the day on Bubblews. Today's tip has been suggested by smarter people than I for a long time: eat six small meals and snacks a day rather than fewer large ones. Read more here  Diet Tip of the Day: Small Meals and Snacks. Do you want to earn money for writing? Check out Bubblews

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