Diet Bread Recipes Breakfast Cereal Bread Machine Loaf

I'm Chef in Chief around here. I demand that my recipes be frugal, nutritious and use up leftovers. Today's +Dietrecipeoftheday and +Daily-deal-of-the-day combines these. Leftover Breakfast Cereal Use Up Bread.

Don't you hate it when the family opens multiple boxes of cereal and lets them go stale? Well, I've outsmarted them. I recycle that cereal into bread. Even stale cereal can be repurposed. I've used Bran Buds, Grape-Nuts, Cheerios and Life cereals all successfully. I think most any cereal could work with a little tweaking. I use up other food too. For 2 pound loaf, place in the the bread machine in this order.Diet Friendly Breakfast Cereal Use-Up Bread Machine Recipe - News - Bubblews

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