Why Losing Weight is Harder than Quitting Smoking

I have 14 pounds left to lose to get off 100 pounds. And I am sick of reading how easy it is to lose. There are easier ways and things that work better, but shedding 86 pounds was not easy. Dieting is like quitting an addiction, except harder. I will argue food is the hardest addiction to break. For one thing, diet takes longer. You can stop smoking or drinking and start seeing positive effects almost immediately. And you don't carry around outward evidence of your addiction--fat. It takes months to see progress and years to get all the weight off. I don't write this to discourage, but to remind you that if you have lost pat yourself on the back. If you're still working on it, don't listen to those naive ones who make is sound simple. It's hard work and you deserve high praise for trying.

Why Losing Weight is Harder than Quitting Smoking

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