My Weight Loss Journey--Before and After Photos

I have lost somewhere around 76 pounds since 2011. I put on 100 pounds after losing babies 5 and 6. I couldn't breastfeed to get the weight off as I had before. I fell into depression, ate and drank too much and took an antidepressant. All of these packed on the pounds.

I just posted some pictures on Facebook. Our son in Detroit (who we see every few months) called me to say he'd noticed how much I'd lost since even since the last time he saw me. I don't say this to brag, but to encourage you if you are working on weight loss. And I say it to encourage myself so I don't give up (I still have 25 pounds or so left to go). I don't want to go back to old eating habits either. I'm going to post a series of pictures taken at different points in my weight gain and loss journey.   My Weight Loss Journey--Before and After Photos

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