Dieting one day at a time

I'm not so inclined to eat for comfort. My way is to stop eating when I feel miserable. Food just doesn't taste good. I eat more when I'm happier. That's when I feel hungry. But avoiding eating is just as bad as overeating or binging. When I don't eat I get shaky and feel nauseous. Sometimes eating helps and sometimes, like now, I just feel sicker. But I think that depends on what I eat. I had a South Beach Diet fiber bar for breakfast. I think that was too much sugar, even though it had protein too. Then again I took a lot of vitamins all at once. That and my husband is in one of "those moods" (oh the joys of a WAHM). In totus, I feel queasy. But I still believe eating something when I feel stressed helps: just not something too sugary, salty  or acidic. The trick is to monitor how I feel and what works, adjusting as I learn new things. As the old saying goes, One day at a time. 

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