Fat Tuesday Feasting Makes Ash Wednesday Fasting Harder

I'm a Catholic: well not cradle Catholic-- I'm a convert. One thing I love about being Catholic is that we sure know how to celebrate life. Take Fat Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras): it's a huge Catholic lollapalooza before the solemnity of Ash Wednesday and Lent. All good Catholics, it seems gear up for the penitential season by overdoing it in the party season. I have my doubts about the wisdom of this. Mardi Gras binging is disastrous for dieting, too. I say, for best weight loss, Nix Fat Tuesday Binges

Watch How You Eat, Not Just What to Lose Weight

I'm about halfway toward my goal to lose 80 pounds. It's been a journey--I've learned many things about dieting. Along with watching what I eat, I'm learning to watch how I eat. Being mindful of eating habits has helped me emotionally and physically. Here are bad eating habits to stop, to lose weight. I've listed healthier ones to replace them with.  Eating Habits to Lose Weight 

Dieting one day at a time

I'm not so inclined to eat for comfort. My way is to stop eating when I feel miserable. Food just doesn't taste good. I eat more when I'm happier. That's when I feel hungry. But avoiding eating is just as bad as overeating or binging. When I don't eat I get shaky and feel nauseous. Sometimes eating helps and sometimes, like now, I just feel sicker. But I think that depends on what I eat. I had a South Beach Diet fiber bar for breakfast. I think that was too much sugar, even though it had protein too. Then again I took a lot of vitamins all at once. That and my husband is in one of "those moods" (oh the joys of a WAHM). In totus, I feel queasy. But I still believe eating something when I feel stressed helps: just not something too sugary, salty  or acidic. The trick is to monitor how I feel and what works, adjusting as I learn new things. As the old saying goes, One day at a time. 

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